Why You Need Alarm Monitoring to Protect Your Home

Surprisingly, only 17 percent of homes have security systems installed, according to Safe Guard the World. That’s a pretty low number when you think about all the crime that occurs annually in the U.S. One in every three residential assaults come from homeowners trying to protect themselves and their families during a break-in, every 13 seconds, a home invasion occurs, and homes without security systems are 300 times more likely to be broken into.

All things considered, it’s important to ensure your possessions, home, and family are protected from intruders, even if you’re renting. According to the FBI, regardless of what type of residence your home is, break-ins are becoming the largest threat. Knowing you need protection is one thing, but figuring out which route to take can be daunting—after all, there are so many ways you can go about securing your home. However, one thing that makes things simpler and more effective is signing up for alarm monitoring through your security provider.

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