Why You Need Alarm Monitoring to Protect Your Home

burglary detectionSurprisingly, only 17 percent of homes have security systems installed, according to Safe Guard the World. That’s a pretty low number when you think about all the crime that occurs annually in the U.S. One in every three residential assaults come from homeowners trying to protect themselves and their families during a break-in, every 13 seconds, a home invasion occurs, and homes without security systems are 300 times more likely to be broken into.

All things considered, it’s important to ensure your possessions, home, and family are protected from intruders, even if you’re renting. According to the FBI, regardless of what type of residence your home is, break-ins are becoming the largest threat. Knowing you need protection is one thing, but figuring out which route to take can be daunting—after all, there are so many ways you can go about securing your home. However, one thing that makes things simpler and more effective is signing up for alarm monitoring through your security provider.

Installing a home security system with alarm monitoring features is one of the best ways to protect what matters most to you and give yourself and your family peace of mind. For starters, you get an extra layer of protection from your security team who has employees dedicated to alerting you and the authorities when your system is breached. Break-ins happen every day, many times in the light of day when homeowners are at work or out of the house. By the time you get home, your valuables could be long gone, and your property a wreck.

However, with alarm monitoring systems, you can have greater peace of mind knowing that if your home is breached, an alert will go out immediately to a security professional, who will contact the proper authorities. Additionally, you can have devices installed that detect smoke, fire, floods, and carbon monoxide, making your home safe guarded from more than just break-ins. These devices can be programmed to alert your cell phone if an emergency occurs, such as with the ADT Pulse program.

What makes alarm monitoring even better, is that the people responsible for reacting to an alert are trained professionals with experience in how to handle emergency situations. We’d all like to think we know what to do if someone is breaking in, or if a fire starts in our home, but when these disasters actually happen, it can be stressful and chaotic. With home security monitoring, you can trust that, when things go wrong, there is someone looking out for you and your family who knows exactly what to do and wastes no time doing it. No matter if you’re around the corner at the store or across the country on vacation, your home and possessions are in good hands.

fire and smoke detectionTo ensure your communication path with a home security professional is uninterrupted, you can install a monitoring system with alerts through your existing home phone lines or wirelessly through cellular radio frequencies. These setups allow you to stay connected at all times, securing your alarm monitoring system even when lines are down. You can also setup two-way communications with your monitor, which will allow you to speak with a professional in the case of an emergency or when you have questions regarding your system, alarms going off, or malfunctions of any kind.
To get the most out of your security system, it’s important to consider alarm monitoring to go along with it. Together, these two measures ensure your home is as secure and protected as possible, helping keep you and your family safe. With a trusted monitor behind your home, you can rest easier knowing even when you’re not around, someone is looking out for you.

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