Why Home Security Systems Randomly Go Off

alarm system installationIt’s happened to all of us—you’re home nestled into the couch when out of no where the shriek of the alarm system goes off, sending you flying. After examination, no doors seem to be jarred, windows opened, or evidence of an intruder, so you’re left a little puzzled and maybe slightly on edge.

False alarms occur quite often, and there are many causes for systems going off without reason or warning. Luckily, you can control most of them—if you’re aware of what to look for. To help, here’s a list of some common reasons home security systems act, up and what you can do to stop your alarm from going off for no reason.

Installation Issues

Even the most knowledgeable, experienced technicians may make a mistake every now and again. To ensure your systems have been properly setup, always hire a professional and have them test the alarm system before they leave, as well as instruct you and your family how to properly use it. You can also test the system and monitors sporadically to make sure everything is working well. Once installed, if you the alarm goes off for absolutely no reason, call your alarm monitoring company and have someone come and take a look—fixing systems is what they do. One really simple solution is misaligned sensors or sensors that have simply fallen from their mounting. Check your sensors periodically to make sure they are mounted securely.

System Failures

Technology is never a guarantee, and, while it’s rare, sometimes things just don’t work as planned, or at all. If you notice your system, including the monitors and controls, aren’t working the way your installer showed you, there’s a good chance something is wrong with the devices. A reboot or installment of a new system should take care of the bugs.

large pets have been known to trip motion sensorsUser Error

With how advanced alarm systems have become, it can take a while to understand how to use yours, especially if it’s connected to multiple channels with multiple features, such as temperature control or flood and medical alerts. If you don’t understand how to use your system, make sure your installer walks you through each step, even if it takes a little while.

Low Batteries

When alarm systems are running low on juice, they can potentially act strangely. Buzzing at the slightest breeze, going off and not shutting off, or not going off at all. To prevent dealing with these annoyances, check your batteries regularly and know how long you have before they need to be replaced. Most systems can go for a while, but you should expect to replace them every few years.

Wireless Interference

We live in a wireless world, and with so many things operating through this type of connection, there is room for interference. If your alarm system goes off without reason, cross-check it with any other devices that use your wireless connection. Garage door openers, remote controls, computers—these all can cause interference with your security system, so before calling in the professionals, see if your system acts up at the same time you use any of the other wireless devices.


If you have pets, there’s a strong chance they’re helping set off your alarm system, especially if you have motion detectors. Additionally, wildlife can occasionally set off alarm systems, however, it’s advisable to always take an alarm going off seriously and contact the proper authorities.

bad weather can set off alarm systemsHeavy Weather

Mother nature is often a culprit of tripping alarm systems, especially during certain seasons. Heavy wind or sleet can cause false alarms and even damage your equipment. If after a severe storm, you experience issues with your security system, contact your installer right away to come test your system.

The more you know about your system and how it should behave, the easier it will be for you to tell when it’s acting up.

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